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Prof.  Luca Levrini

Odontologist Surgeon, academic and GOT Scientific Director.

My tasks are:


•     Share the technical evolution and improvements in the orthodontics field in order to employ them into an efficient clinical system;

•     Supervising the clinical procedures;

•     Promote and coordinate the scientific research activity;

•     Support the mission focused on the patient and enhance the activity inside the teamwork;

•     Support the work of doctor William Manuzzi as GOT Clinic Manager garantire; 

•  Represent GOT as ambassador of its ethical, scientific and humanistic values;

Clinical Management

Excellence, expertise and attention to details.

More than 20 specialists and doctors in orthodontics, divided into three different categories:
Specialist, Plus and First, all directed by the board composed by doctors:


Prof. Luca Levrini, GOT Scientific director 

Doctor William Manuzzi, Clinic board coordinator

Doctor  Alba Zanini, GOT Medical treatments Manager

Doctor Ilaria Capotosto, GOT Clinical procedures Manager 

Doctor Sara Bertini, First and Plus doctors’ Education Manager

Doctor. William Manuzzi

Odontologist Surgeon, Orthodontics specialist and GOT Clinic Manager 

My tasks are:


•     GOT Clinic Manager;

•     follow the diagnostic path, the therapeutic programma and the development of the orthodontic treatment in collaboration with the specialists responsible of each case.

•     Participate to the  growth of young partner clinics thanks to GOT Academy

•     Coordinate the Face Team work together with Professor Aldo Bruno Giannì;

•     Partecipate at the many GOT activities.

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